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About us

         Booker T. Washington Park located in Limestone County was designated by the Texas Historical Commission as a Historic Site which serves as a celebration ground for the annual 19th of June festivities, and amusement park that accommodates churches, schools, clubs, and other family and community activities on an availability basis.  First priority is given to events sponsored by the Limestone County Nineteenth of June Organization.  All other activities are coordinated by the Organization and conform to the policies established for the care and operation of the Park based on its Constitution/By-Laws.

our officers:

President:  Billy Touchstone

Vice President:  Madeline Kirven- Gamble

Secretary:  Thelma Gee-Brown

Assistant Secretary:  Howard Medlock

Treasurer:  Jacqueline Gee

Parliamentarian:  Regina Kirven

General Manager:  Elvin Kirven

Chaplain:  Russel Larkins

Board of directors:

LaVonia Alexander

James Collins

David Echols

Winford Gee

James Heggins

Cynthia Hollins

Dr. Sharon Kirven

Lee Otis Pearl

Dorothy Touchstone

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